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Today's Highlight at the IYL // Descubrimiento del día en la IYL: "La vie bercée"

Today’s highlight at the Internationale Jugendbibliothek: la vie tell qu’elle est raccontée aux enfants

Descubrimiento del día en la IYL: la vida tal y como es explicada a los niños

Dorion, Hélène (text) 
Nadeau, Janice (illus.) 

La vie bercée (Life rocked to sleep) 

Montréal (Québec) : 400 Coups, 
2006. – [48] p.
ISBN 2-89540-280-9

Life cycle – Birth – Growing up – Family 

This picture book consists of a long poem about people’s lives from birth to adulthood. It mentions highs and lows, happiness and sorrow, the moment they start learning to read and to write, or the time of adolescence when they struggle for independence from their parents. »You blow out your dream-candles one by one and thus each dream comes true.« The highly symbolic illustrations (presenting the »thread of life« that also sustains the connection with one’s family; or the »anchored« parents’ house) accompany the readers’ thoughts with soft colours and fragile figures. The cover picture of the father sitting in a rocking chair and rocking the child to sleep already hints at the changing nature of life with its ups and downs, visualised later as swaying houses and rifts within the pictures. (8+)

(White Ravens 2007) 

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