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Today's Highlight at the IYL / Descubrimiento del día en la IYL: ¡Oh, los colores!

Today’s Highlight at the Internationale Jugendbibliothek: a delicate symphony of colors 

Descubrimiento del día en la IYL: una delicada sinfonía de colores

Luján, Jorge (text)
Grobler, Piet (illus.)

¡Oh, los colores! (Oh, the colours!)

México, D.F.: Ed. SM, 2007. – [20] p.
ISBN 978-970-688-775-7
(English/Spanish ed.: Colors! – ¡Colores! Toronto: Groundwood Books, 2008) 
Colour – Nature – Poetry

Jorge Luján dedicates each of the four-line poems in this book to a colour. Relying on associative thought, he creates miniature, dablike glimpses of nature. The softly flowing verses, about the blue expanse of the sky, the black dress of night, or the fruits of the orange tree shining like little suns, seem light and fragile. Just as delicate, and yet containing great suggestive power, are Piet Grobler’s watercolour spreads. Set off against the organically flowing background colours painted with broad brush strokes, one finds filigreed animals, plants etc.: little birds, gazelles, a tiny grasshopper, a snail, blossoms or a paddle boat almost seem to float across the pages. Poems and pictures together form a harmonious whole and create much room for looking and dreaming. (6+)

(White Ravens 2009) 

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