jueves, 4 de abril de 2019

Today's Highlight at the IYL // Descubrimiento del día en la IYL

Today’s Highlight at the Internationale Jugendbibliothek: (m)other goose rhymes! 

Seibold, J.otto (text/illus.) 
Other goose re-nurseried, re-rhymed, re-mothered, and re-goosed ... 
San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 2010. – 69 p. 
ISBN 978-0-8118-6882-2 

Nursery rhyme – Poetry

Mother Goose rhymes are probably the most widely-known nursery rhymes – not only in the English-speaking world. In his “Other Goose” collection, J.otto Seibold presents twenty-some of his favourite classics in awesomely illustrated new versions. From Humpty Dumpty and Little Bo Peep to the Cat with the Fiddle, Seibold’s “re-nurseried, re-rhymed, re-mothered, and re-goosed” variants include the same nursery-rhyme staff, but tell slightly twisted (or even completely mutated) tales compared to those with which readers may have grown up. The artist’s computer-generated, loudly coloured trademark illustrations show flat, goggle-eyed protagonists with distorted features. The pictures are brimming with witty allusions and amusing details that perfectly complement the quirky texts. (Age: 5+)

(From the White Ravens Catalogue 2011) 

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