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Today's Highlight at the IYL // Descubrimiento del día en la IYL

Today’s highlight at the Internationale Jugendbibliothek: brilliant poetry about BIG DEALS (war, exile) and small things (shopping, tap water) as well, by one of the most important Brazilian authors for children, Marina Colasantini, and finely completed with synthetical images by Claudia Furnari. 

Descubrimiento del día en la IYL: gran poesía sobre cosas GRANDES (guerra, exilio) y pequeñas (ir de compras, el agua del grifo) cosas, escrita por una de las autoras infantiles más importantes de Brasil, Marina Colasantini, y muy bien subrayada por las sintéticas ilustraciones de Claudia Furnari. 


Colasanti, Marina (text)
Furnari, Claudia (illus.)

Poesia em 4 tempos (Poetry in four times)

São Paulo: Global, 2008. – 43 p.
ISBN 978-85-260-1255-4

The outstanding Brazilian author of modern fairytales, Marina Colasanti, is also a gifted poet. Here, too, she succeeds in transforming the everyday and the inconspicuous into lyrical linguistic images. She travels through memories and everyday themes: from World War II to shopping centres, from cooking and gardening to love and nature. The poems are deep and suitable for both young and adult readers, like the poem entitled »Under the hoofs«: Today / Sunday nights / in this quiet room / of this quiet house / on this quiet hill / time / once more / pretends to be still / while silent hours / pass / in a gallop-ing run. The illustrations, in which Claudia Furnari avoids depicting the content simplistically and transparently, add a delicate touch to the poems. (9+)

(from the White Ravens Catalogue 2009) 

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