lunes, 25 de marzo de 2019

Today's highlight at the IYL / Descubrimiento del día en la IYL: Quem faz o qué?

Today’s highlight at the International Youth Library: a truly lyrical picturebook for first readers. Very subtle and enlightening but yet totally understandable by children. A real jewel 

Descubrimiento del día en la Biblioteca de la Juventud de Múnich: un álbum realmente lírico para primeros lectores. Muy sutil e iluminador y aun así perfectamente apto para niños. Una joya.

Aleixo, Ricardo (text) 

Miranda, Regina (illus.) 
Quem faz o quê? (Who does what?) 
Belo Horizonte: Formato, 1999. [28pp] 
ISBN 85-7208-240-9 

In this poem Ricardo Aleixo unites a verb with a noun in each verse: »To look, that is with cats« or »To blow, that is with the wind,« etc. These minimalist sentences and the free play of associations are congenially extended in Regina Miranda's illustrations. Joined together merely through the consist glowing red background, these sparse pictures each show only a part of the whole. Eyes stand for the cats and signal seeing. A leaf stands for the autumn wind and signals blowing. This book is fascinating in its radical simplicity. By this limitation to only a few concepts and visual details, it invites the reader-viewers to exercise their imagination and mental facilities. (3+)

(Review from the White Ravens catalogue, 2000).  

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