martes, 26 de marzo de 2019

Today's highlight at the IYL / Descubrimiento de hoy en la IYL: Au pied de mon arbre

Today’s highlight at the Jugendbibliothek: a delicate collection of vignettes on trees (and our links to them) where texts and images come together to create a delicious mixture of poetry and miniature stories 

Descubrimiento del día en la IYL: una delicada colección de estampas acerca de los árboles (y nuestros vínculos con ellos) en la que textos e imágenes se combinan para crear una deliciosa combinación de poesía e historias en miniatura.

Battut, Éric (text/illus.) 
Au pied de mon arbre (At the foot of my tree) 
Toulouse: Milan, 1999. [28pp] 
ISBN 2-84113-841-0 
Tree - Life 

Over the course of many years a tree changes its face. For each season there are different games and festivities, rural scenes and moments of happiness in the lives of the people who visit it - whether for May Day dancing, a romantic tryst in the shade, or apple harvesting. As a motto for each scene on the full-paged, naïve-style tree pictures there is a line of poetry, accompanied by a small detail sketch. When leafing through all the pictures, certain parallels become meaningful - as time elapses for the tree over the course of a year, so it elapses in the life of a person. The poetic charm of this book will enchant both children and adults. (6+)

(Review from the White Ravens catalogue, 2000).  

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